4 Steps to Manifest Your Dreams

Remove any limits to your desires.

1.        Know what you want.  
2.        Get clear on your WHY.  
3.        Identify feelings
4.        Start feeling those feelings… Now.  

Take the first step toward manifesting your dreams and identify what you want. This sounds simple, but it can get sticky. Stop and think about what you don’t want as a springboard to clearly discovering what you want. Your want list can include material items, new and improved relationships, vibrant health, fitness results, financial and other goals.  Remove any limits to your desires. Think big, encompass all aspects of your life.

Getting clear on your “why” is a vital step in the manifestation process. Let’s use an example of wanting to double your income. Reflect and get crystal clear on your own personal why. This is a critical step to determining Step 3, your feelings. How will you feel when you have achieved your goal?  Your feelings are powerful catalysts for change. Get clear on how you will feel when your income has doubled. List these emotions along with your why’s.

The next step is to begin feeling these emotions now! Act as if you already have what you want. Take a few moments throughout your day and feel the elation of crossing the finish line and holding that multiple-digit bonus check. You can do this while commuting to work, while brushing your teeth, or waiting on line. When you stop at a red light use this time to tune into feeling your feelings of having what you want. Your emotions are energy in motion and carry a powerful vibration that is integral to the manifestation of your goals. Align your desires, thoughts, feelings and action and begin to see the results you long for.

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