About Me

Iā€™m Carla C. Hugo, author and Healthy Lifestyle Coach. I specialize in supporting my clients to achieve less-stress and more-success. Since 1997, I have been coaching busy parents, executives and professionals to take responsibility for their self-care in order to achieve harmonious relationships, abundant prosperity and transformation in their lives.

I founded Get Coached in 1997, after a 15 year corporate career responsible for recruiting, retention, and market development at a financial services firm.

I am a graduate of both Coach University, the world leader in coach training and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Additionally, I am a parenting leader certified with the ScreamFree Institute, and am a Certified EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Techniques). I also hold business degrees from Pace University, NY and Mercy College, NY.

What can I say? I care deeply about supporting you in your personal transformation!

You can reach me at 908-502-5212, Monday ā€“ Thursday, 8AM ā€“ 4PM Eastern Time.

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