Are You Good Enough?

When you compare yourself to how you used to be (thinner?) and to how others live their lives (happier?) you end up feeling despair. Feeling not-good-enough is prevalent. Those feelings contribute to a downward spiral of self-deprecation. When you notice your thoughts are those of comparison and not feeling good, try this exercise.

Downward Spiral
Like a trip down lighthouse stairs, our negative thoughts can spiral downward.

The technique is brief and taps into your imagination.  And it will increase your personal sense of peace exponentially!

Use this exercise in the shower, at red lights in the car, while waiting for an appointment, or while lying in bed either before sleep, or upon waking.

First do some conscious breathing, using imagery:

Take a deep inhale.  Imagine breathing in crystal clear positive light and energy.  As you exhale, imagine releasing the thoughts and feelings that bog you down like the sludge in your car’s engine. See in your mind’s eye the light pouring through you with your breath, moving out the sludge as it illuminates you.

Next, inhale clear blue skies.  Exhale worry, sorrow and fear. 

Inhale a brilliant and abundant starry sky, and feel the energy of the Universe cleanse you. Feel scrubbed clean as the starry night sky gently tingles your body.

Starry Night Sky
The vastness of the starry night sky can wash you clean of self-doubt.

Exhale and release thoughts of not being good enough, however these show up for you. Imagine these negative thoughts floating away as bubbles blown through a wand.

By taking these 3 conscious breaths, you have brought your attention to your body.  You have cared for yourself.  You are in the present moment.

Now, say out loud or silently to yourself:

  • I am good enough.
  • I am smart enough.
  • I am thin enough.
  • I am kind enough
  • I am caring enough.
  • I am patient enough.
  • I am enough!


Feel the peace and goodness! Let these words affirm who you really are. You are perfect.  Do you know why? You are all you are meant to be in this moment. Your journey is one of constant evolution. Decide to love and accept yourself. In doing so, you will find your patience expands exponentially with your children, your mate, your work, ordinary delays, and for yourself. 

Man at peace on mountaintop
Personal peace is here for you, when you key-in to your awareness.

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