As Seasons Transition – Life Transitions

As we shift from fall to winter, nature has put on a show for us! Change is all around, especially in the northern regions. As leaves have fallen, so has the snow. Schedules are filling with plans for religious holidays, family celebrations, and outings with friends. Bundling up for winter, we protect ourselves from the chilled air and elements.

Snow covered trees in December
We are part of nature and seasonal transition.

As human-beings, we are part of nature. We are also experiencing life transitions of our own making. With seasonal transition comes the desire to eat a new diet. We crave more warming foods and indoor settings. Environmental changes are a great time to examine what your next transition may be. Are you ready to improve your relationship with your romantic partner? Would you like to make a career move? Is your health and well-being at the level you desire? Move through this season of change alongside nature and let it propel you into achieving the next greatest version of you.

To help you examine your life, and identify what potential growth lies ahead for you, consider these six areas:

  1. Personal and Spiritual Development
  2. Physical Surroundings
  3. Romance and Relationships
  4. Career and Money
  5. Fitness and Health
  6. Joy and Contentment

Use a 0-10 scale to evaluate your level of satisfaction in each area. Go with your gut feeling and assign a value. When complete, identify which area holds the most importance to you and inspires you to expand.

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