Be the U in YOU

When you express yourself authentically, you expand your world. Your colleagues, family and friends who are accustomed to you acting securely within the roles of your life, may be surprised when your authentic self pokes through. They may even try and suppress you with ridicule. Despite what others think, choose to laugh out loud. Wear what you want. Skip shaving or washing your hair. Talk to strangers. Be in the moment. You know what is holding you back. (What other people think?) When you can express even a small part of your true self, you will experience greater fulfillment and a larger slice of life. Your precious life!

Rocks in foreground at beach. Carla in background near ocean.
Beauty ahead. Beauty behind. Release worry.

Can you explore a career change without the fear of being judged holding you back? Can you play the music you love, even if you are the only one in the room who loves it? Can you dress in a way that feels easy and natural for you? Today I ask you to live authentically, and be the U in You.

You are caring and thoughtful. You are loving and kind. You enjoy pleasing others, but you feel lost when it comes to advocating for yourself. You long to express yourself both verbally and physically. Yet worry whether you will still be accepted by your family and friends. Ask yourself, do you want most to be accepted? Or do you want most to be authentic? These are important questions to consider and explore. There is a sense of comfort in being accepted and joie de vivre in being authentic. Be open to the possibilities. Take small bites out of your slice of life and explore the results of living your authentic life. The vibrancy you feel will have you going in for another nibble.

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