Did You Lose Your Baggage?

Now is a great time to put down your personal baggage and leave it behind. No one wants to lose their bags when traveling, but why not take an inventory of the habits, fears and worries you carry with you on a daily basis? This is baggage worth losing. What would your day be like without carrying those around? Can you imagine living a lighter, freer and happier life?

Stacked up luggage
Get ready to lighten your load!

First, take a look at behaviors that have become habits over time that no longer feel good to you. Let’s not label them “bad” or give other negative associations to these behaviors. If you know your habits do not serve the purpose of making your day better, then it’s time to let them go. Identify your top three habits you’d like to lose. The process to lose this “baggage” will be the same, regardless of the habit. Begin to add in a new behavior that correlates with the habit you’d like to release. For example, if you want to break a caffeine habit, fill your coffee mug with water. Drink two mugs of water, then have your coffee. Later, dilute your brew with decaffeinated coffee. Crowd out what you want to get rid of by adding in new things to take their place. The crowding out approach works for non-food habits as well. To lose the habit of using expletives, for example, make a list of descriptive adjectives to add to your vocabulary. Go ahead and add these words to your vernacular. Your unwanted habits will be left behind!

Next, identify what fears and worries keep you up at night. Write these down. Fear and worry reside only in your mind, and not in your reality. Certainly, they feel as frustrating as a traffic jam and frightening as free-falling. You know the clarity with which you can envision exactly what you don’t want to happen? Use that creative ability to imagine the best possible outcome. So when your teenager is late coming home at night, choose to put your mind to use imagining their safe return, rather than worrying. When you feel the heavy bags of fear and worry weighing you down, get yourself grounded in the present moment. A great way to do this is to remove your shoes, and press your feet on the floor. Be here now!

Bare feet in the grass.
Get grounded in the moment by being barefooted.

The best is now to come! Without destructive habits, fear and worry dragging you down, you are free to experience your life with peace and exuberance. These processes require your attention and repetition. Carry with you only what you truly desire!

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