Dismantling Your Fears

What holds us back is not our inability, but our insecurity. Insecurity is imagined. It is the fear that you cannot do it. It is worry of what other people will think. It is your lack of self-confidence sneaking up behind you, whispering in your ear. Fear can loom large in your mind, and even show itself in your body with physical symptoms of anxiety. You may feel a tightness in your chest, butterflies in your stomach, nausea or shortness of breath. Each of these are the bodies’ response to your mental picture of that which you fear. When you dismantle your fears, you become peaceful and inspired to take action on your dreams.

Man considering many options

In dismantling fear, we will look at what you want most – to take action and live your dreams, or to stay safely stuck. And, we will also look at the worst possible outcomes of the things you fear. When you stay in a place of fear, you are essentially restrained from taking action toward your idea or dream. Fear holds you back. As uncomfortable as it is to be afraid, you may find the feeling of being “snuggled up” by inertia very familiar. Maintaining the status quo, not reaching for more, and avoiding opportunity keeps you coddled and safe. When you realize this, it is time to look within and question what you want most – to stay safe or to experience the journey that may take you to your dream outcome. Weigh what price you are paying to stay in fear against what you are avoiding. Which do you want most? Which outcome serves your highest interests?

Scales of Justice

The next step in dismantling your fear is to identify the worst possible outcomes of taking action. To do this, take a walk down the imaginary paths of each scenario. Put yourself into the picture, and imagine what may go wrong, and your response. Do this a few times and notice how you deal with the potential challenge. You will find that you are resourceful and have likely overcome something similar in your past. With these tools to dismantle fear in hand, you will find the inspiration to take action from a sense of peace and well-being. The world needs what you have to offer!

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