Do You Play It Safe or Make Waves?

When I read this, I’m reminded of my childhood. Don’t make waves. Be quiet, smile pretty, and go along with what is. Yesterday, I saw a charming sign for sale that read, “Make Waves!” Has the tide turned? Is self-expression suddenly acceptable? The answer to that is up to you.

Walking by the shop window with the sign for sale, one of my adult children turned to me and said, “That’s you. Making waves.” This was not a positive reference to my unique self-expression. This was criticism. I admit, it stung. My offspring prefers I mute myself and blend in. Ouch. In contrast, I encourage and embrace each of my children’s uniqueness’s. I invite them to “fit out” rather than “fit in.” I learned this concept in my training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Each of us has more to offer one another and the world, when we allow our own nature to be evident in our actions and communications. Might this be called making waves?

Ocean wave, a natural part of life.
Making waves is natural.

I am not an expert swimmer, but I do believe that movement – kicking our legs and rotating our arms in the water – keeps us afloat. Not only does kicking and making strokes keep us afloat, it also propels us forward….and it makes waves! Making waves is critical to survival in the water. How can we translate wave-making to life on the land?


Using water as a metaphor for living, I embrace going with the flow. In essence, seek the path of least resistance toward your desired outcome. Going with the flow is the antithesis of a “no pain, no gain” philosophy. I do not mean to imply going with the flow means to follow others and deny your own unique approach. When on your own course toward your desired goal, notice and embrace the opportunities that will lighten your load to achieving your outcome. This is what I mean by going with the flow. When you play it safe, you may follow the advice of another, and lose touch with your own intuition. Remember, splashing around is the key to survival!

Safe Zone
Staying out of the waves is safe, yet will stall your authentic life.

“Making waves” is no longer unacceptable. Just don’t splash someone else! Making waves supports your self-acceptance, thriving, and reaching your desired outcome. Take the path of least resistance in the flow of your life, and joyfully express yourself. Be authentic. Paddle your arms and thrive! Do some wave-making today!

Make Waves

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