Imperfection Is Not A Crime

If you are a perfectionist, the title of this blog is horrifying! Imperfection may not be illegal, but it is subject to great scrutiny in the eyes of a perfectionist. In my coaching practice, I find perfectionism is a common trait among both men and women. Perfectionists have boundless creative and brilliant ideas, and at the same time, virtually have their hands cuffed behind their back. Being handcuffed suits the perfectionist because it prevents him or her from making a mistake. And mistakes are very much like crimes to the perfectionist. Law enforcement officers place cuffs on suspects to prevent further criminal behavior, and perfectionists suffer self -imposed hand cuffs as well.

Breaking free of handcuffs

When fear creeps in, overthinking begins, and action can stall. Fear of not living up to your own standards or those of others, creates paralysis. Perfectionists find that their started projects don’t get finished, new ideas stagnate and remain unimplemented, and fitness and nutrition programs fizzle. If you are a perfectionist, these are common scenarios that you likely face.

You may fear that the end result will not meet your standard and cause an imperfect result. Instead of correcting a mistake, facing a short-coming, or evaluating a failure, no action takes place. Ruminating over new ideas and inspirations, and holding yourself back from acting upon them is exhausting. Paralysis by perfection takes a lot of energy, and your self-doubt then trickles over into other areas of life.

I believe in Me

I encourage you to take the very next step toward implementing your big idea, next project, or wellness program with the confidence that whatever happens, it’s actually perfect! When you put your positive effort and energy toward a goal that inspires you, good things will happen. Events outside of your control will contribute to your successful outcome. Your idea may not unfold exactly as you imagined, but that does not make it a mistake or imperfect. It makes it new, real, fresh and maybe even subject to re-working and improvement. I urge you to share your authentic self with the world, grab the key to your hand-cuffs, unlock them, and toss those things aside!

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