Let YourSelf Shine

Day in and day out, you are connecting with family, friends, co-workers, service professionals and strangers. In these connections lies the opportunity to create a positive impact upon your life and that of the other person. Whether you verbally engage, or wordlessly brush by, you have the chance to let yourself shine! What message do you silently convey to the people on your path? Are you pleased with the energy you leave behind?

You cannot control how others receive your words or body language, but you can become self-aware, and exercise control over yourself from a place of awareness.

I recently had the best time holding my little great-nephew. He is 3 months old and a joy to snuggle. His head fit against my chest while his feet curled up in the palm of my hands. While I was holding him, I instinctively walked, bounced and cooed in order to engage with him in a manner that felt good for him. At the same time, I was on cloud-nine, feeling wonderful about our interaction.

Be gentle with yourself and be your best-self!

I know the next run-in with your boss may not be as magical as holding a precious infant. However, you can elect to put your attention upon your behavior – your words and body language, and feel excellent about them. Since you cannot control your boss, stay clear minded about your response to her. Imagine you are tending to a baby. Your instincts would be nurturing, gentle and thoughtful. Now imagine you are that innocent baby and you want to be so careful so as not to be harsh with her. With this gentleness in place, tune in to your words, gestures, eye-contact, and facial expressions. Let yourself shine and see how events unfold in a positive manner.

When you are self-aware and representing your best self to all who cross your path, you are living your best life. Sometimes we must rely upon our reserves – strength we have developed in the past that when called upon, will serve us now. Other times we will come up with creative solutions in the moment. When you are self-aware and allow your light to shine you will leave behind your glow with those on your path, and you will take that glow onward with you.

Are you ready to get clear about the outcomes you desire yet are worried about what obstacles are in the way? Maybe you have an opportunity, but are not certain about what your options are. Coaching with me is an opportunity to explore Outcomes – Obstacles – Options – and Opportunities.

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