Looking Back, Facing Forward, Be Here Now

We have all endured personal hardship and we observe it around us daily. When you ruminate on the past, you are filling up on regret, shame, and guilt. Those “would haves” and “could haves” can nibble away at you until you find you lack the energy to move forward. While we have the knowledge that we cannot change the past, in our emotional brain there is satisfaction in re-living the past and re-imagining the outcomes. When you find yourself feeling regret, what impact does it have on your energy and your mindset? If you know for sure that dwelling in regret, shame, or guilt does not make you feel good, are you open to moving out of it?

Mint tea

What you focus upon, grows. As you put your attention toward the experiences that do not bring you joy, you are aligning with more of the same experiences. You are setting yourself up for a repeat. When you decide you are ready to release your grip on guilt, the first step is to face forward. To aid you in facing forward, take a look at your present moment experience. Get grounded in the here and now. Engage your senses to see, hear and feel your NOW. Being present will jar you out of dwelling on the past.

What do you want most? Do you want vibrant health? Loving relationships? To be a peaceful and calm parent? Imagine the outcome you desire and ask yourself how you will feel when you have attained the achievement. Align yourself with those feelings. Living in the present moment with your attention on where you want to be is the joyful dance of life!

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