Make Compassion Contagious

In these times of global illness, you can choose to be fearful or you can choose to be calm.

Having a choice is exciting! It’s empowering when you choose to:

Spread…..Love and be compassionate toward others

Catch…….The smiling eyes of a friend or stranger

Immunize…..Against fear and worry

If you’ve read my book, Keyed In – 7 Keys to Transform Your Life, you know the first Key is to become more aware of your thoughts. How does fear of illness make you feel better, do better, or be better?

Visualize releasing your fear. Pray for global and personal health, healing and well-being in your very own private and personal way. Be compassionate and in so doing, your energy will favorable impact those around you… and like a ripple in a lake, will have great impact.

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