No Wonder Change is Hard

Change is an uphill battle. You may be tired of your old habits and patterns and have a strong desire to improve your health and vitality. Pushing and struggling against what already is, is exhausting! That struggle comes from your feelings about what you want to change. If you are judging or demeaning yourself, then the idea of changing becomes a battle. You are pushing against the status quo, and this struggle is like a weighted sled-drill during football practice.

I often say that change is part of nature, and that each of us is continually changing. This is true. Yet natural change is elegant, like a transformation. It is a process of moving out of one way and into another. I invite you to consider transforming into the next best version of yourself.

Vice grip crushing an apple
Pushing against change is crushing!

You can’t change a rock, but you can transform it into the foundation of your home. Begin to accept what it is that you would like to change, and remain open to how those qualities and characteristics can be transformed into something new that you embrace. For example, suppose you want to lose weight. You already have eating habits. Rather than force change upon them, be gentle with yourself. You are eating anyway. How can you transform your meals with a gentle approach, that is not harsh, judgmental, and filled with regret? Consider animals in nature and how they lose fur in the summer, and regain their lush coats in winter. You can change as naturally as a red fox that is adapting to the seasons.

Re-frame what you no longer like about your life and look at these unwanted traits as a springboard to transform into something desirable. Unhook from pushing against what you don’t like. That is the exhausting, uphill battle that extinguishes your desire to change. Allow the natural elegance of transformation to begin. Be gentle with yourself and you will succeed!

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