Releasing Anxiety’s Grip with Tapping

As a life coach, I have several tools I teach my clients to manage and relieve anxiety. What happens when this life coach is overwhelmed by anxiety? Recently, both my beloved dog and beloved friend were hospitalized and in intensive care on the same day. I have been a dachshund lover for thirty years, and my little Brody was shutting down from pancreatitis. My dear friend of 37 years, had an incident and was in very serious condition. That night in bed, I prayed and I visualized for the recovery of my two buddies.

My dachshund with a medical cone around his head
Brody, my little dachshund

Although my intention was to relax my mind and shift to focusing upon the best possible outcome for each of them, I began to feel pressure on my chest and tightness within. My anxiety felt like two fists being squeezed inside of my chest cavity. I also experienced a shortness of breath, and an urge to burp (sorry!) but an inability to do so. I felt trapped with air. I got up for a glass of water. Then I returned to bed and sat upright. At this time, I began to tap, using the Emotional Freedoom Techniques protocol that I learned a decade ago.

Tapping Point Diagram created by Carla C. Hugo
Diagram of tapping points, created by EFT Practitioner, Carla C. Hugo

I began to tap, and to breathe. As I did so, I could feel movement through my body and I began to burp! It is likely that in my most anxious state, my breath was shallow and I created this trapped air challenge. As I burped, I felt the weight lift off my chest. I was able to breathe more deeply and the feeling of fists knotted in my chest was released. You can learn more about tapping or EFT in my book, Keyed In – 7 Keys to Transform Your Life and by scheduling a session with me. There are many tools to unhook form anxiety, and this one works like magic! And my buddies are on the mend.

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