Tame Your Thoughts and Be Here Now

It’s the season for hustle and bustle, for worry about perfection. The time of more stress and crowds; for loneliness and togetherness. There can be added difficulty in concentrating on your daily obligations when facing Thanksgiving, Hanukah and Christmas arriving in such a short cascade of time. So how can you manage your worry and stress?

Shadow of Autumn tree by Madison L. Hugo. The image reveals you (the tree) and the shadows of distraction.
This photo by my daughter captures the essence of you and your distracted thoughts.

One way to achieve calm and concentration, is to acknowledge your interfering thoughts, and then use your imagination to picture them floating away. When you get distracted, stop and take a conscious breath. Become centered in your body, and in the here and now. Be present with your thought and with your body. Press your feet onto the floor and become grounded in the moment. If the distraction is not of an urgent nature, free the thought from your mind. To do so, visualize the interrupting thought floating away into space. You can wrap it in a helium balloon, or have a puff of colored smoke push it out of your mind. Be creative, and let it go.

Continue your conscious breathing and grounding into the moment. Focus your awareness on the thoughts and actions you have scheduled. Place your imagination on how you will feel when you have accomplished these items. Will you feel relief, joy, satisfaction, or pride? Let that vibration of celebration infuse your body. Those feelings become the beacon that draws you into successful and focused action.

Lucy Vincent Beach photo by Madison L. Hugo
Photo represents the beacon that your celebratory feelings can become
Your celebratory feelings become a beacon! Photo by my daughter

Now your attention is in the here and now. I love how Wayne Dyer distinguished the words Nowhere and Now Here. The same letters create totally different meanings, with just a little space. When you struggle to tame your thoughts, you are nowhere. When you release distractions, get grounded in the moment, and align with the success you desire, you are Now Here!

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