Working with Carla is a delight. A skilled life coach, Carla is an excellent listener who has the ability to make significant connections and point out patterns. She brings an abundance of kindness and caring to her sessions, which creates a safe space for sharing. Over the years, she has helped me forge better relationships, both at home and at work. She has taught me a variety of tools for handling stress, including tapping, creative visualization and journaling techniques. Her guidance has helped me develop goals and create action steps for accomplishing them. With her support, I’ve made significant improvements in my life, in areas that include exercise, nutrition and my career. Her positive and encouraging attitude makes all the difference. With Carla as my coach, anything is possible!

What challenge or opportunity were you facing before you hired Carla?

I was feeling stuck in several areas of my life but in particular my professional career.  In working with Carla I was able to reconnect with the values and visions (my “why”) that drove me towards my chosen career path.  This has been very helpful in re-establishing a new perspective on my current job and career which has proved to be a powerful personal breakthrough and has enhanced my productivity and overall satisfaction with my professional life.

Why would you recommend Carla’s coaching style and process to someone who might be on the fence?

Carla is not rigid in her approach and is very flexible and easy to work with.  She meets you on your level and is always making sure that she is providing value with those she works with.  Carla is not at all intimidating and very easy and enjoyable to converse with and she constantly surprises by adding value in many areas of your life.

If you were to recommend coaching with Carla to your best friend, what would you say?

Do it!  Carla is very easy to work with and her approach will surprise by opening you up to new perspectives in all aspects of your life.  She offers concrete tools to help rather than just re-hashing and perpetuating the narratives that tend to hold individuals from overcoming obstacles.

What pleased or surprised you most about working with Carla?

Working with Carla re-connected me with many of my core values which through time got lost in the and chaos of a demanding and stressful job (the rat race), raising young kids and working towards maintaining a healthy and loving marriage.  I often recall our discussions and various tools that we discussed in moments when I’m feeling stuck or helpless and that immediately brings comfort in moments of despair even if I am not sure of the exact course of action I should take.  While I went to see Carla thinking she would help me work towards finding a new job I also became a better person, father and husband.