Transform Yourself and Change Your World

Now is the time to examine your life.

Are you awake to this present moment? Are you able to release the “shoulds” and “could haves”? Is your mindset one of appreciation?

Examine yourself, and choose consciously who you want to be.

Glass half full

Whether your cup is half empty or half full, as long as you have exactly what you want in your cup, it doesn’t really matter. What’s in your cup (what you focus upon) grows. When you have your attention on what you want, even if only in the microcosm, you are empowered. When you fill your own cup, you release the need for striving and the longing for others to meet your needs. When you notice feelings of lack, reach for another, better feeling thought. Appreciate all that you are.

Can you notice something around you that symbolizes abundance? When you unhook from your fearful thought, and appreciate abundance in your life, your mindset changes. You begin to transform. Your internal transformation will be reflected in our outer world. When you shift to an attitude of gratitude and an awareness of abundance, you enter the stream of ease. Doors open for you, opportunity knocks. You are full of vibrancy and are emanating positive energy.

Vibrant meadow

What you give your attention to grows. When you resist something, whether a change, conflict, or forbidden food, you are adding energy TO it, and increasing its influence on you. Being able to release your attention to the “negative” experience allows it to naturally move on its way.

It’s exciting to watch how circumstances reflect your new point of view. When you wish for something, you are actually focused upon the lack of that thing. If you accept and surrender to what is, you release your resistance to it, and then it has less of an influence in your life. Let it go. Create space. Let gratitude in. Change your world.

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