What Do You Want Most?

How can you differentiate between what you want most and what you want now? Which is more compelling to you?

For example, if what you want most is to be lean and strong, and what you want NOW are the warm brownies…which “want” guides you? Which thought rules your actions?

What can derail you is:

  • Habit
  • Fear, or
  • Costs

Using the warm brownie example, if you are accustomed to eating something sweet after a meal, then this habit will tempt you to ignore your most pressing objective. In other scenarios, it’s fear of the unknown or fear of change that prevents you from operating from the viewpoint of what is most important to you. Sometimes, there are costs involved in choosing what you want most. Costs often involve the price of disappointing others. Making the choice to take great self-care will serve you in actually achieving and experiencing what you want most!

Once you have identified what you want most, you can train yourself to pay attention to your thoughts and shift them when they are out of alignment.

Awaken to awareness. Listen to yourself. Does it make you feel good? If you are feeling guilty, not good enough or ashamed, then use these tools to get in touch with feelings of gratitude. There is Always something to be grateful for. Here are two tools you can utilize:

  • Megaphone
  • Touchstone

When your thoughts go astray and lean you toward what you want NOW, imagine there is a megaphone on your head and your thoughts are being broadcast aloud into the general public. Would you want to blast your thoughts aloud? Use this imagery as a catalyst to shift your thinking in the direction that best serves you.

Having a touchstone, such as a rock or seashell, is a great way to become grounded in the present moment. I love choosing stones that have an intrinsic energy of love, clarity, or empowerment, and I hold or keep these in my pocket. When you feel the stone, it is a great reminder to clean up your thoughts and point yourself in the direction you want to face.

Colorful gemstones

You do not need to be defeated by habit, fear and costs. Once you have clarity on the outcome you want to experience, use these coaching tools to stay the course. You can do it and get what you want most!


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