When You Live in Your Comfort Zone, You Lose Sight of Your Potential

Your Comfort Zone – Your Hula-Hoop

Imagine a circle around you, like a giant hula-hoop. Inside, you are safe. The color of the hoop around you is joyful and you feel good. This is your comfort zone, and you know just what to expect. Your daily routine is mastered and you stick to your schedule. Certain personas and demeanors are available to us, depending upon the situation we encounter. In life, our roles include those at work, if we have children, a parenting role, and we enjoy friends and romantic partners. You do your chores and give back to your community. But do you wonder, when you lay in bed at night, if you are living your life authentically?

Our roles force us to become less than authentic

The true you is not the one who automatically fulfills their roles. Like play-doh being pushed through the press, your roles force you to express yourself in a limited way. Allowing yourself to express your wisdom, your humor, and your creativity will lighten the burden of your roles because you will tap into your authenticity. Your unique and authentic self beckons you on the other side of your comfort zone. Your natural gifts and talents may not be utilized when your self-judgement holds you back. If you take that hula-hoop for a spin, you will notice that it reaches out farther in certain spots.

Now is a great time for you to explore areas outside of your comfort zone that resonate with you being true to yourself. Where you desire more joy in your life is a great place to let the hula-hoop drop, and step over it. Take a baby step outside of your comfort zone and taste the freedom of being authentically you!

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